Week 5 & 6 (+ Other Heads-up!)

We're having FUN, and the season is barely underway! Some shots from last week's practices... Now, let's get in some more on-the-bike practice, but this week and the week after, we will only have Thursday practices--on Aug 9th & Aug 16th. They will both be held at Powell Butte Nature Park led by Coach Lisa,... Continue Reading →

Week 4: Gateway + Powell Butte

Heads-Up / Apology... It was a mistake in the words below when I said stretching would begin at 5:15. I meant for it to say 6:15. I apologize apologize for the mistake and if you happen to show up at Powell Butte at 5:15, don't worry, Coach Mitchell will be there to receive you. And... Continue Reading →

Week 3: We’re on our bikes!

Hi all, It's week three and it's time for on-the-bike practices this Wednesday and Thursday evenings at Gateway Green! Still not collecting team dues yet (probably starting next week) but we MUST have signed┬áNICA Participation Agreement & Liability Waivers on hand for every rider, coach and any parent who would like to ride along for... Continue Reading →

Week 2 – Info Sessions Continue

Thanks to the riders and parents who made it out for our first two information sessions last week! Our website has a new pages where the information from the first session can be reviewed... Bikes, Equipment & Apparel And below, are some links to some videos that we watched when we talked about the R.A.C.E.... Continue Reading →

Summer (Meetings + Practices) Plan

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:15pm! We're kicking off our season NEXT WEEK with some "off-the-bike" team meetings at Irving Park... For our first 4 nights of instruction, we'll meet up for ~60 minute informational sessions at 6:15pm and start presenting no later than 6:30pm. Our riders and their parent/guardians are encouraged to attend...as well as... Continue Reading →

The team is forming!

News Flash: There's a real interscholastic mountain bike team in PORTLAND, Oregon and it's called Portland Metro Composite!     Last week was a busy week! It was the first week of Summer Break for most and on Tuesday night we made things official by holding our first team meeting, with a mix of kids... Continue Reading →

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