The team is forming!

News Flash: There’s a real interscholastic mountain bike team in PORTLAND, Oregon and it’s called Portland Metro Composite!



Last week was a busy week! It was the first week of Summer Break for most and on Tuesday night we made things official by holding our first team meeting, with a mix of kids and parents in attendance. Coaches Mitchell & Lisa enjoyed meeting all of you! 🙂 🙂 In case you missed the meeting (because like a few of our new team members you had snuck out of town on Summer vacations already) here’s what you need to know…


  • We’re just getting started and (at least for now)…“it’s never to late to join us, or get in on the fun!”
  • Portland Metro Composite welcomes any/all kids grade 6-12 from any school (including homeschool) in the Portland Metropolitan area. Or, maybe you live in Portland Metropolitan area, but go to school just outside it…that’s cool too!
  • We’re a “fun first” community of people from a variety of different schools, neighborhoods, and personal interests…but we all like riding bikes.
  • Mountain biking is an inherently dangerous activity…bike are machines, there are rocks, there are trees, etc…but as trained, experienced, certified coaches, we’ll be leading programming that teaches riders how to ride as safely as possible.
  • There’s a WIDE spectrum of riders who will participate on our team, ranging from beginner riders with NO mountain biking experience extending all the way to competitive “expert” level riders who are looking forward to racing and getting results. Riders of all abilities will be supported and have a good experience on our team!
  • Our team, like other successful NICA teams around the country, will always have a culture of shared support and mutual respect for each rider’s unique background, skill level and interest in pursuing mountain biking as a part of our team…cause that’s how we roll.
  • Racing is not required. There are other activities to engage it at the races…including being the team Photographer, the Camp Chef, even the team Naturalist…just to name a few examples.
  • Instructional programming will start the week of July 9th, beginning slowly with a few more “off-the-bike” team meetings on topics such as 1) Cycling Equipment & Apparel 2) Bike Fit & Maintenance…and 3) “Mountain Bike Races 101.”
  • We’ll start holding on-the-bike practices at Gateway Green no later than *(the week of)* July 23rd…they’ll run for 90 minutes, at 6:15 pm, 1-2 nights per week.
  • We will always encourage attendance at team meetings, practices and races, but strict attendance rules are not likely to be a thing.
  • Parent/Guardian involvement is required to be on the team, as it is required for race related overnights and travel.
  • More details to come soon including how and when we will be doing official team sign-ups and when team dues will be collected ($275).

As a final note, we should get some custom tee-shirts made and spread them around this city, as a team fund raiser!

Here’s a design to get the gears turning…

Skull T Design v1 rough

The artwork was quickly sketched but nicely executed by Izzy who we’re hoping will join the team!

The lack luster design elements were poorly laid out by a mountain biking coach, but don’t worry…we think we have an Italian fashion designer stashed away somewhere on the coaches roster who will come in handy for this sort of thing!


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