Summer (Meetings + Practices) Plan

Wednesdays and Thursdays at 6:15pm!

We’re kicking off our season NEXT WEEK with some “off-the-bike” team meetings at Irving Park…

For our first 4 nights of instruction, we’ll meet up for ~60 minute informational sessions at 6:15pm and start presenting no later than 6:30pm. Our riders and their parent/guardians are encouraged to attend…as well as any other family members…as well as any other folks interested in learning more about our team!

Wednesday July 11th – “Cycling Equipment & Apparel”
Thursday July 12th – “Mountain Bike Races 101.”

*Okay to bring your bikes for the next two sessions, though we won’t be riding them (just yet)* 

Wednesday July 18th – “Bike Fit & Bike Maintenance”
Thursday July 19th – “Review Session” …where we can cover bits of each of the topics above, and answer any open questions people have.

NOTE: We will begin having parents sign liability releases at these meetings and will also share information about signing up officially, and paying team dues.

Irving Park Team Meeting Map

Then, it’s time to start having some fun on bikes…

We’ll begin our on-the-bike practices, starting with the first one on Wednesday July 25th at Gateway Green.

  • Show up on time at 6:15pm, or a little early!
  • Bring your bikes!
  • Wear your helmets!
  • Bring a bottle of water!
  • Maybe an energy bar.
  • Practice will wrap at 7:45pm.

HEADS-UP: For on-the-bike practices at GATEWAY GREEN!

The trickiest part about riding bikes at Gateway Green is getting there (since you can’t drive a car into the park).

Instead, you have to drive to the nearest access points along the I-205 Bike Path and ride the bike path into the park.

So, our website now has some information and a couple of NEW maps to illustrate the options for making this happen easily.

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