Week 2 – Info Sessions Continue

Thanks to the riders and parents who made it out for our first two information sessions last week! Our website has a new pages where the information from the first session can be reviewed…

And below, are some links to some videos that we watched when we talked about the R.A.C.E. events we’ll be attending this fall.

This week…

We’ll meet up for a couple more ~60 minute informational sessions. These are still at Irving Park starting at 6:15pm and we’ll start presenting no later than 6:30pm. Our riders, their parent/guardians and other folks interested in learning more about our teams encouraged to attend!

It’s okay to bring your bikes this week!

Wednesday July 18th – “Bike Fit & Bike Maintenance”
Thursday July 19th – “Open Session, Questions, Review Session”

…where on Thursday in the review session we can cover additional bits of the Bike Fit & Bike Maintenance topic as well as the topics from last week 1) Bikes, Equipment & Apparel and 2) Cross-Country Racing…and answer any open questions people have as they get ready for the season.

NOTE: We are beginning to have parents sign liability releases at these meetings and we are beginning to share information about signing up officially, and paying team dues, etc.

Map to Irving Park

Irving Park Team Meeting Map

The Video Links from our Cross Country Mountain Bike Racing 101 session…

  • The epic scene from a NICA race in the Southern California League. Here.
  • Video from a recent top professional race where we watched the course preview in the beginning and discussed how our race courses will be similarly designed, with similar features and challenges. Here.
  • And we watched portions of this video blog made by a racer from the NICA League in Northern California when we discussed the various elements of the NICA racing experience that he captures including details like 1) food and race preparation 2) road trips  3) the racing itself 4) the challenges and last but not least 5) the camaraderie…and the sharing of experiences with your friends. Here.

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