Week 3: We’re on our bikes!

Hi all,

It’s week three and it’s time for on-the-bike practices this Wednesday and Thursday evenings at Gateway Green!

Still not collecting team dues yet (probably starting next week) but we MUST have signed NICA Participation Agreement & Liability Waivers on hand for every rider, coach and any parent who would like to ride along for practice. Read the Important Note: below so you know when and where that can be signed…

The plan for this week’s practices…

  1. Starting at approximately 5:50pm Coach Mitchell will wait near the Gateway / NE 99th MAX Station for team members to arrive.

    Find him at the end of NE Multnomah St where it is blocked off near the MAX Station, right here…

    Slice 1

    If you drive or walk down NE Multnomah St, you’ll find him standing right here on the sidewalk by the back of the Oregon Clinic building. That’s the MAX Station is in the background…

    Slice 2

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you haven’t filled out the NICA Participation Agreement & Liability Waivers, this this is where Coach Mitchell will have them. When he’s waiting on the red star above starting at 5:50pm. Get there at 5:50pm with your parent/guardian if your they haven’t signed them yet.

  2. At 6:10pm SHARP! Coach Mitchell and other coaches will lead riders to the I-205 Bike Path on the other side of the MAX Station and we will ride to the center of Gateway Green Park (just next to the cement pump-track) where.

    Remember the only way into Gateway Green is by bike or on foot, along the I-205 Bike Path. We have some instructions for this here…if you happen to arrive late and miss us, or something.

  3. Practice officially begins at 6:15pm…in the center of Gateway Green just next to the cement pump-track.

    NOTE: If it’s easier for anybody to use the northern entrance to Gateway Green (I.E. riding the I-205 Bike Path in from the Maywood Park neighborhood) it’s okay to meet us for practice here, when it officially begins. Please just make sure your waivers are signed and understand that there will not be any coach supervision / chaperoning coming into (or exiting) Gateway Green from that direction.

  4. 6:15 – 6:25: We’ll start with some stretching while we we’ll talk about the plan for the day’s practice.
  5. ~6:35 – 6:45: The coaches will lead the team in some skill and technique exercises–on our bikes, on the trails in the park.
  6. Then, the coaches will lead the team on some rides on the trails and features at the park.
  7. And if we have time, we might play some on-the-bike skill building games on the trails and features at the park.
  8. At 7:45pm practice will be concluded and all riders will be asked to head out of the park!

    Coaches and riders heading back towards the Gateway / NE 99th MAX Station will all roll together, returning to the same spot at the end of NE Multnomah St…on the sidewalk by the back corner of the Oregon Clinic building…and we’ll all wait there until all the riders have been picked up by their parent/guardians.


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