Week 4: Gateway + Powell Butte

Heads-Up / Apology…

It was a mistake in the words below when I said stretching would begin at 5:15. I meant for it to say 6:15. I apologize apologize for the mistake and if you happen to show up at Powell Butte at 5:15, don’t worry, Coach Mitchell will be there to receive you. And you will have the option of hanging out and sticking around for an extra long practice. 😉

And otherwise…we’ll see you all at 6:15 as intended.

Okay, now the post…

Hey team, nice work last week! Let’s have more fun on bikes this week, and mix things up a bit…

We would like to practice at Gateway Green again on Wednesday, when we’ll follow the same plan used last week. Read the details here…but we’ll gather at the same spot by the Gateway Max Station from 5:50 to 6:10pm, then roll into the park in time for practice to begin at 6:15pm (beside the cement pump track).

Then, let’s try a practice at Powell Butte on Thursday!

Powell Butte is another great place to ride mountain bikes in Portland and Coach Lisa is looking forward to showing us all around there on Thursday.

For practice at Powell Butte, the coaches will wait (starting at or a little before 6pm) for team members to collect just outside the park Visitor’s Center and practice will begin nearby with some stretching at 5:15pm (meant 6:15).

The Powell Butte Visitor Center is accessed using the SE 162 Ave entrance, off of SE Powell Blvd. There’s a steep hill to get up to the Visitors Center which also has a good parking lot for drop off and parking…

Powell Butte Practice Map


The riders who have been showing up to practices and meetings in the past few weeks (+ a few other riders who we haven’t seen yet, but who have confirmed that they’re joining our team) are soon going to receive email invites to register and join the team officially. You’ll do this through the NICA Pit Zone website where you’ll also pay the $275 in registration costs for the year, which covers your NICA + Oregon League Membership and your registration to all 4 of the R.A.C.E. scheduled this fall. Exciting!

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