Week 8: Back to School!

Hey Team,

You’re all back in school or headed back next week! Hopefully you’re excited…and good luck getting the school year rolling!


Heads-Up! Our first RACE in Newport–on the Oregon Coast–is coming up on Sunday Sept 9th and last night at the parents and coaches (+ a few of your teammates) met and began making our plans for this event. Look out for emails about that, coming soon!


Online registration closes for this race on Sept 2nd. That’s THIS WEEKEND!

SO, if you haven’t already, please register your rider for the team and the Oregon League RACE series by following up on the invite sent via email…

You will manage the registration tasks on the NICA PitZone website. Do it! Now’s the time!! 🙂

This Week’s Practices…

Powell Butte Nature Park – Thursday 8/30

Meet at 6pm outside the Visitors Center, stretching at 6:15, back to the Visitor’s Center for pickup at 8pm. Reference details here from a previous Powell Butte Practice, for more information about getting to this park.

Forest Park – Sunday 9/2

Meet at the “Lower Saltzman Road Trailhead” at end of NW Saltzman, off of Highway 30 (about halfway between the St John’s Bridge and NW Portland)…that road curves up into Forest Park and dead-ends at a gate. We’ll meet at the gate!

We’ll meet there at 9am, stretching at 9:15 and we’ll come back to the gate for pickup by 11:30am!


  • Bike (in good working order)
  • A small seat bag with an extra inner-tube (for your bike’s wheel size) is a bonus
  • Full water bottles (in bottle cages on the bike) or a good amount of water in a hydration pack
  • 1 or two snacks…such as bananas, energy bars/gels, granola bars, etc
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses (if sunny)
  • Comfortable athletic or riding apparel
  • Your HELMET!

Saltzman Trailhead Map.png



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