Race Report: “Braking Bend”

Just like that, almost three weeks have passed since Race #4, “Braking Bend,” which was the final event of the Oregon League’s inaugural season, thus completing the first season of interscholastic mountain biking in Portland. Wowzers. It has been a whirlwind, but so much fun…

And even three weeks after the fact, writing this post as one of the team’s coaches, there is s a great deal to be proud of.

In Bend, Portland Metro rode admirably, demonstrating again how much they’ve progressed as riders and teammates…

We had riders on race podiums, we had a rider chalk up her first bike racing win, and all together, the team was awarded 3rd place in the weekend’s team competition…


Which meant our team finished in 2nd place in the season as a whole…


This is pretty remarkable.

Remember, the Portland Metro riders are “the city kids” and they’ve been challenging themselves in competition on mountain bikes against riders from places in our state where mountain biking is a lot easier to practice.

Well done Portland Metro! You’re awesome.

The Course & Conditions: On a bit of private forest land in the vicinity of Bend’s Shevlin Park, the course was both challenging physically, with a gradual climb to start things off including a longer stretch of pedaling into a steady headwind, and challenging technically, with a narrow and curvy single track decent that included several loose corners, a number of rocky sections and a couple small drop offs. There were a couple loose and rutty bermed turns in a section down near the start/finish which were perfect for mid-race spectating and cheering.

Under sunny skies in November–it all amounted to perfect day in the woods. 🙂


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