And just like that, its time for Portland Metro Composite to kick off its second season, but before we roll into it, let’s take a moment to celebrate the successes of our first season…

Last summer 6 girls and 4 boys (ranging in age from 11 to 17) joined up to form “Portland Metro Composite.” They represented a variety of public and private schools from all around our city, and for the first time in Portland, they started going to mountain bike practice under the guidance of four NICA trained and certified interscholastic mountain biking coaches.

We rode bikes, had fun, attended practice and practiced some more, and when the spirit of friendly competition called, we traveled…

…to the Oregon Coast
…to Mt Hood
…to Stub Stewart State Park
….to Bend.

In each of these locations we met up with the Oregon League Race Crew and lined up to ride our bikes in cross-country mountain bike races where we met up with the ten other Oregon League teams–also new composite teams–that had been established across our state.

PMC 2018

Although the PMC kids were up against Oregonian peers with far more local access to mountain bike terrain than we have access to here in the city, our student-athletes rode admirably every time out.

After scoring in the top 3–as a team–at each of the Oregon League’s race events, we had wrapped the inaugural season of interscholastic mountain biking in Oregon in second place overall. Our coaches and parents couldn’t have been happier and our head coach was honored as the Oregon League’s first “Coach of The Year.”

So it turns out, the “City Kids” are solid bunch of mountain bikers!

And now, which tremendous thanks and appreciation to NICA and the Oregon League for making it all possible for mountain bike loving kids in Oregon! And with THANKS AGAIN to our 2018 lineup of team sponsors (listed & LINKED below), in 2019 Portland Metro Composite will more-than-double in size, both in terms of coaches and riders as we look forward to doing it all again, and more!

2018 Sponsors


The Agency Realtors

Blue Bridge

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