Portland Metro Composite seeks to serve our community equally and strives for as much balance as possible. And that’s why we presently need MORE GIRL RIDERS!!

  • Contact the coaches at pmcmtb@gmail.com to join us!

More information…

Practices for our 2019 season are underway, but with several spots still available on our Girls Team, we will remain open to young lady riders who are interested in joining us throughout the month of July.

  • Interested riders should be attending middle school or high school this fall, at any Portland area school and have basic (entry level okay) interest and ability for bicycling on dirt trails.

We have a great group of girls (and guys) so far, who are looking forward to welcoming, supporting and encouraging some new team mates, and our coaches are the best, even if their jokes are terrible…

  • COACH: “Why couldn’t the mountain bike do another lap of the race course?”
  • RIDERS: “Why?”
  • COACH: “Because it was two tired.”
  • RIDERS: …


Quick NOTE: About the potentially intimidating race events that we attend.

They are nothing to be concerned about!

A newly recruited young lady was reassured and encouraged to join when she learned that the race course are short (less than 3 miles a lap)…and attending those events and completing JUST ONE LAP with a smile on your face allows that rider to score points and contribute as a valued member of the team.

SO…join us already! Young lady riders!! Come ride bikes, have fun and make some new friends as a member of PORTLAND METRO COMPOSITE!!!