Racing bikes is fun, and it’s fun to have fun…racing bikes!

This past weekend the team challenged themselves to the second of this year’s Oregon League Race Series events…where we rode the slopes of Mount Hood at Ski Bowl!

The team had several individual successes and managed to score second place as a team in the points competition. As this is our second second place finish as a team so far this race series, we’re looking good to keep a spot on the team podium at the end of the season. Sweeeet! Good job PMC!!

Here are the details…

The course which the race flier described as “rolling single track through the forest, followed by a solid climb (about 600ft)…then gently down a swooping serpentine section that curves all the way back to the finish area” is pretty remarkable for it’s ability to challenge these middle school and high school athletes to some actual mountain biking. Riders had to negotiate pedaling hard while navigating twisty trails with changes in terrain, they had to pedal up steep fire roads–at elevation–managing their pace and they had to control their speed on a fast downhill trail with numerous trail features including a few speed bumps burmed turns a tight steep section in the trees, and more.

As usual, our team’s focus was on the racing process, beginning with preparing the riders for the challenges that the course and conditions would present and encouraging the riders to show up to the start line prepared and feeling cool, calm and collected. Excited and pumped up too, but using their efforts in pre-race homework and preparations to reduce or remove as much stress as possible from their racing challenge.

A key part of this was when the team gathered for our pre-ride of the course on Saturday afternoon–a beautifully sunny afternoon!

Sat Pre Ride

The weather had become cold and wet by Sunday morning–race day–but the riders were in good spirits and adapted to the conditions admirably.

Sun Rain


Highlights from the weekend was our teams second individual win of the season by Sophie in the JV Girls race to maintain her leader’s jersey in that field. Also the Varsity Girls race where Emmaline battled through a grueling 4th “bonus lap” to overtake another rider and finish in second place with teammate Isabelle riding behind her for 5th place. Meanwhile, strong performances by riders newer to mountain bike racing were very exciting to see, including solid rides by Nic, Felix and Eliana to name just a few.

Oliver & Felix

Nic Cornering