Howdy y’all!

Thanks for staying tuned to Portland Metro Composite as the Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League fun is scheduled to resume this summer and fall.

For those who are just learning about us, or for those catching up on the latest from our team, we’re coming back to you now following a quiet, but successful 2020.

Although we made the hard decision not to add any new families to our roster last season, we were pleased to have carried on with programming for returning riders in our community of middle school and high school student-athletes that included weekly team practices and team rides from July through October. Obviously it was a wild ride, but we were pleased to make it through the year while getting everyone out for some much needed fresh air and recreation while we mannaged to keep everyone safe and healthy along the way.

And now, we’re looking forward to doing it again…while we open back up to new riders interested in being a part of our awesome!

In partnership with NICA and the Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League, Portland Metro Composite is an open and inclusive community of trained and certified youth mountain coaches joined weekly by Student-Athletes representing middle and high schools from all over our city.

We support riders of all ability levels as we meet up at team practices for the purposes of helping young riders develop the skill, ability and confidence needed to safely participate in the sport of cross country and trail mountain biking. We encourage one another and support one another as we also work to develop the pedaling fitness needed to challenge ourselves at the Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League Race Series events.

We’re a fun first kind of club…so at race weekends we challenge ourselves as individuals and compete as a team, all contributing a solid effort and ensuring we can head home with smiles on our faces.

We’re pumped to get back to it this season! In 2018 we were 2nd place overall, in 2019 we were 1st place overall…and this year will be an exciting one as after a year missing the opportunities to meet up with the other Oregon League teams from around our state, we now get to retuning to race weekends where we’ll compete in northern and southern Oregon conferences before taking part in our first NICA / Oregon State Championships weekend. We can’t wait!

For any new / interested riders and their families…

Heads Up: We can not guarantee we will be able to accommodate every rider interested in our team this year…but we will do the best we can. More details below about the decisions we have made and the efforts we are making to manage this as fairly as possible…

The first step is for new riders and one of their parents/guardians to connect with our coaches at one of our upcoming Information Sessions. There are three dates/locations listed below for you to choose from. We ask that you attend any one!

There, you will meet some of our coaches and riders, learn about our team and have the opportunity to ask any questions.

NOTE: These are off-the-bike events…but please bring your rider’s bike + helmet so our coaches can do a preliminary safety check of your equipment and address any concerns in advance of team practices.

Information Session options for new riders…

Monday May 17, 5:30pm
Laurelhurst Park
Meet at the SW corner of park on the tree lined hilltop (find people w/ mountain bikes)…


Monday May 24, 5:30pm
Wallace Park/Chapman Elementary School
Meet in the grassy area between the baseball field and the school building (find people w/ mountain bikes)…

Wallace Map.png

Wednesday June 2, 5:30pm
Irving Park
Meet on the grassy hill between the basketball courts and the big baseball/sports field (find people w/ mountain bikes)…

Irving Park Map.png

We look forward to getting to know you there!

– The PMC Coaches

How we will be adding riders to the team this season…

  • We will add at least 20 new riders to the team in 2021
  • First priority will be given the girls adding as many as 14 to balance out our team for the season, although it is unlikely that many young ladies will join.
  • Second priority will go to the guys who are on our waitlist, in order of their appearance there, based on thier family’s initial contact with us. Whenever folks email us about our team we add them to this list. We’ve kept track!
  • Third priority will then go to any riders who are coupled with an adult that would like to engage in the leadership of our program, by enrolling with NICA and becoming a certified coach and/or by contributing to the administrative needs of our team. Please inquire within. 🙂