Portland Metro Composite was established in 2018 to become Portland, Oregon’s first interscholastic mountain bike team to participate in NICA and the newly established Oregon League.

We value responsible, safe, healthy bicycling activities that celebrate having fun, being outside, getting dirty and camping out while learning to appreciate and care for our region’s natural places.

IMG_8816Members of “Portland Metro” practicing at Powell Butte in 2018.

Our program runs seasonally, from May to November when we hold practices and team events throughout the greater Portland Metropolitan area. As part of NICA, and the Oregon League our riders challenge themselves in an annual series of cross country mountain bike race events–scheduled each autumn–where as “student-athletes” our riders compete against peers from throughout the state of Oregon and southern Washington.

Our riders are encouraged to strive for individual performance objectives–guided by coaches but determined by the riders themselves–while seeking to demonstrate personal growth in the form physical and mental resilience while racing.

In the meantime, our program prioritizes each rider’s enjoyment of the recreational and practical (transportation-oriented) qualities of bicycling. As such, we give rider tools and some of the training required to be a competitive cyclist, but we approach our races as R.A.C.E. events…

R – Really
A – Awesome
C – Challenging
E – Events

…where at the end of the day, our riders only requirement is to engage in the process for the purpose of learning and growing…letting the competition be an after thought.

Support US!

Our team is a 100% volunteer run organization, led by coaches who are committed to sharing their love of bicycling with kids in our community by developing the abilities of interested trail riders who are living throughout the Portland metropolitan area while attending any of the region’s middle schools and high schools.

The bulk of our programming and practice instruction is targeted to beginner and intermediate lever riders, but we support riders of all ability levels making resources available to support riders up to elite levels within the sport of cycling.

Our leadership strives to keep our program as accessible as possible and seeks sponsorship from our community in order to provide scholarships and assistance to riders in need while covering the costs associated with running the team.

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For more information, you can email our coaches at pmcmtb@gmail.com