We hold weekly practices from July through October when…

  • We meet outside at places like Gateway Green, Powell Butte Nature Park, Forest Park, L.L. Stub Stewart State Park & Sandy Ridge.
  • We start with the basics and seek to develop and improve upon fundamental bicycling techniques.
  • We get to know each other…hearing each others updates, learning about each other’s interests outside of mountain biking and exchange support and enthusiasm.
  • We stretch, practice some yoga, practice some meditation and talk about athlete mindfulness.
  • We’re always teaching riders to approach trail riding safely and to avoid injury.
  • We’re okay with crashing if it teaches you something and you can come up smiling.
  • We teach control before we teach speed…and we think you should always be in control.
  • We teach riders how to train and engage in a competitive racing process.
  • In NICA and on Portland Metro Composite there are no cuts with the recognition that everyone rides and contributes to the team within their own ability.
  • We teach riders to be ethical, upstanding members of the mountain biking community.
  • We celebrate an enjoyment of bicycling, being in nature, getting exercise (on and off the trail)…that riders have the potential to benefit them throughout their lives.

Then we attended the The Oregon League Race Series...and other events hosted by The Oregon League!

Our riders are encouraged to strive for individual performance objectives–guided by coaches but determined by the riders themselves–while seeking to demonstrate personal growth in the form physical and mental resilience while racing.

For some of our older high school riders, Oregon League Race Series events can be approached as serious, but seriously fun, competitive opportunities. Meanwhile we default to treating these as R.A.C.Es…

R – Really
A – Awesome
C – Challenging
E – Events

…where at the end of the day, our riders only objective is for riders to engage in the process for the purpose of learning and growing, challenging themselves, discovering what they can do and letting the results and competition be an after thought.

Support US!

Portland Metro Composite is a 100% volunteer-run organization that strives to keep our program as accessible while providing scholarships and assistance to riders in need.

Please see consider contributing to these costs by becoming one of Our Sponsors!

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