Team Meetings & Practices:

Beginning in the summer, Portland Metro Composite kicks off our programming with a short series of Team Meetings and “information sessions” on topics including…

  • A Team Introduction
  • “Cycling Equipment & Apparel”
  • “Oregon League R.A.C.E. Events 101”
  • “Bike Fit & Bike Maintenance”

This season, these are being held at Irving Park in NE Portland.

Then, on-the-bike practices!

This season Portland Metro is planning on the majority of our on-the-bike practices to be held at Gateway Green (our city’s first city park entirely dedicated to bicycle riding), but we may also schedule some practices at other park locations around the Portland where bike riding is supported.

Our practices will focus on developing a rider’s skill and ability and will serve riders ranging from beginners and first time mountain bikers all the way up to elite level mountain bike racing athletes.

R.A.C.E. Weekends: 

Each season the Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League that our team is a part of under NICA will host a series of what they are calling R.A.C.E. weekends, which stands for…

R – Really
A – Awesome
C – Challenging
E – Events

In any case, these are the cross-country mountain bike races that are going to take place at venues around Oregon…where riders of all ability levels will find plenty of opportunity to challenge themselves and compete with their teammates against other Oregon League teams from around the state.

The 2018 dates and venues are now confirmed!

9/9  – Wilder Park in Newport (camping at South Beach State Park)
9/23 – Ski Bowl in Government Camp (camping on-site).
10/14 – Stub Stewart State Park in Buxton (camping on-site)
11/4 –  Private Property in Bend (camping at Deschutes National Forest)

…more details may be found on the Oregon League Calendar.

Please Note: It is up to the student-athletes and their families to plan and manage transportation to team events. But the good news is, the investment is well worth it! For riders and their parents/guardians, the experience of traveling and exploring the state with the other teammates and coaches may be the most fun and memorable experience that interscholastic cycling has to offer. But with that said, we’ll have a lot of fun at our practices too, and attending race weekends is not a requirement.

Also Note: It’s perfectly appropriate for team members to attend the R.A.C.E. weekends and choose not to race. There is still fun on bikes to enjoy and there are many activities that riders may choose to take on in support of their team, such as being the Team Photographer, the Team Chef, the Team Naturalist, etc…

Its up to each rider on our team to choose the method of participation that works best for them!

Team Camp Outs:

The Oregon League is brand new and this season will be everyone’s first go at it, but in other NICA Leagues (in other states across the nation) it’s common practice to “camp out” at or near the race venues that teams travel to.



We know,  it’s almost too much fun to imagine! Team coaches will be talking about these camp out opportunities as the season progresses and will be able to help and/or provide reccomendations to kids and and their family members looking to share in these experiences.

Camp outs are also not required team activities. Hotel, motel and AirBnB accommodations are an acceptable alternative…as well as waking up for an early morning drive and showing up to race day the morning of.

Team Costs:

The cost to join Portland Metro Composite: $275 for the 2018 Season…

This includes our team programming and practices, the rider’s NICA Membership and their registration at this season’s four R.A.C.E. events being hosted by the Oregon League.

If you need help to participate, please ask! 

Scholarships and/or financial assistance (For Example: assistance paying team dues or gaining access to a mountain bike and the needed gear) may be available!

Initial inquiries and help requests can be sent to, and please don’t be shy! If participating on this team is important to you, it’s important to us.