Hi Parent’s & Guardians!

It’s either…

1) You are crazy in love with mountain biking–like we are–and you’d do anything to have your kid join Portland Metro Composite so you can ride along and share in the FUN!

– OR –

2) Your kid is begging you to let them join this team–wise as they are with such sophisticated interests–and you’re trying to figure out what all the fuss is about.

Let’s see if we can help you out, either way…


About Our Team

Portland Metro Composite (“Portland Metro” for short) is a new interscholastic mountain bike team/club open to students from any school in Portland (grades 6-12).

In the summer and fall of 2018 our team members will be the first representatives from Portland to participate in the new Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League (OregonMTB.org). Our coaches are trained, certified and insured under NICA (NationalMTB.org).

We will hold weekly team skill-development and practice events this summer and join other new Oregon League / NICA teams from across the state at 4 cross-country mountain bike R.A.C.E. events this fall (R – Really A – Awesome C – Challenging E – Events).

There are no tryouts, no cuts and teams are co-ed! The Oregon League, NICA and our team value participation, camaraderie, positive sporting behavior and well-being over competition. No previous mountain bike experience is required.

Participation should be fun and memorable!! It should enrich your child’s experience as a student and provide all the character-building benefits that interscholastic sports can offer, in an alternative format that you–as a parent or guardian–get to share with your child since some level of your involvement is required…

To explain, our coaches are insured (under the Oregon League and NICA) to organize and run team meetings and team practices, and they are insured when they provide coaching and leadership at the R.A.C.E. events…but they can not facilitate or assist with your child’s travel and can not be accountable for any over-night logistics when the team travels and/or camps out at the R.A.C.E. weekends. Instead, it is assumed and required that YOU (the parents/guardians) of Portland Metro Composite team members will responsible and engaged in all of these peripheral details.

This year’s team dues are $275, which includes your rider’s NICA membership and their registration at the Oregon League’s four R.A.C.E. events.Scholarships for team dues and assistance for student-athletes who may need help gaining access to a mountain bike  may be available.

All questions and inquiries can be emailed to PMCMTB@gmail.com.

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