Portland Metro Composite is a interscholastic mountain bike team/club. We’re the first team in the city of Portland, Oregon to participate in NICA as part of the new Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League.

This page is for the riders -or- as NICA calls them, “Student-Athletes…”


If you’re a student in the Portland Metropolitan area and you like riding bikes, like riding mountain bikes – or – are you just interested in riding bikes, you should thinking about joining Portland Metro!

Portland Metro Composite is all about getting outside, riding bikes, having fun, and developing new skills and abilities (on and off of your bike).

We meet up in city parks to learn about mountain biking, we meet up at Gateway Green to ride our bikes and develop new skills…and we travel around the great state of Oregon to camp out and participate in mountain bike R.A.C.E. weekends with our teammates, coaches, family members and all the folks from other teams from across the beaver state.

By the way, R.A.C.E. stands for…

R – Really
A – Awesome
C – Challenging
E – Events

These are the cross-country mountain bike races our team competes in, but you don’t have to race there to be on the team, or camp out the night before. You can still attend and still have a great time. Read our Participation & Costs page to learn more and in the meantime the bottom line is…

Join Portland Metro if you want to have FUN on bikes!!!